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Sheffield MedSoc

About MedSoc

The MedSoc committee is a group of medical students like you, elected by you to represent YOU.

Tom Julian


Andrew Maud


Grace Elliott


Susan Cross

MedSoc Mum

Ayesha Girach


Saffiyah Tayyab

Deputy Treasurer

Kirsty Payne

Social Sec

Ellie Clowes

Deputy Social Sec

Sophie Carlson

Academic Rep

Akshay Kumar

Deputy Academic Rep

Ketan Dhital

Welfare Rep

Charlotte Reed

Deputy Welfare Rep

Henry Mills

Sports Sec

Nneoma Uzo

International Rep

Freddie Farrow

Admissions Rep

Ella Kulman

Charities Coordinator

Adil Nayeem

Societies Sec

Sophie Parker

Pre-med Rep

Calum Sowden

Phase 1/2A Rep

Rubiya Syeed

Phase 2A/2B Rep

Kelly Chapple

Phase 3A/3B Rep

Shanice Nzaro

Phase 3B/4 Rep

Philli Davies

Phase 4 Rep

Eleanor Rosario

Mature & Postgrad Rep

Anna Wilkinson

BMedSci Rep

Riyaz Sogiawalla

Publicity Rep

Tzen Szen Toh

Technology Officer

Simba Statin



The MedSoc office is located just inside the automatic doors on the B Floor entrance to the Medical School, not so far from Lecture Theatres 1 and 2. The office is managed by Susan (the MedSoc PA) who can help you with event tickets, memberships, dissection kits, white coats, enquiries or just a chat.

The regular opening hours are 12:00 – 14:00, Monday to Friday during term time.

E-mail: medsoc@sheffield.ac.uk
Telephone: 0114 222 5520


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