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Whether you want to pursue personal or academic interests, or are simply looking to get involved in something new; there will be a society for you!

Christian Medical Fellowship

CMF is about uniting and equipping Christian medics. We meet to study the Bible together and think about challenging ssues surrounding medicine and faith. Every month, we go to a local doctor’s house for an evening meal together. The highlight of each year is the National Students Conference in February, organised by national CMF (www.cmf.org.uk) where 400 Christian medical students from all over the country come together for a great time of learning and fellowship! Whether you are a Christian or not, you will be welcome at any of our events. Get in touch! We would love to hear from you!


E-mail: cmf@shef.ac.uk

Friends of MSF

A student support group of the international charity Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, an impartial and neutral organisation that provides emergency healthcare where it is needed most.

At FoMSF, we have 3 main goals:

- Fundraising! Through events such as gigs and quizzes.

- Awareness! Including speaker, film and discussion events.

- Campaigning! Supporting MSF campaigns including the TB Manifesto.

We’re really excited for next year and hope you’ll get involved in supporting a great cause. Come say hello at the Fresher's Fayre to find out more about MSF and how you can take part.



E-mail: sufomsf@gmail.com


Who we are

​We are Sheffield Marrow, the student-led branch of Anthony Nolan - the UK stem cell registry. We have a good volunteer base across all courses, including Medicine.

What we do

- We help to take back patients lives from blood cancer by running clinics to sign students onto the stem cell register. All that this involves is filling in a simple form and providing a small saliva sample.

- We fundraise for our parent charity, Anthony Nolan. It costs £100 to put one person onto the register (spit kit production, lab costs etc) so it's really important that we contribute to this work. Our fundraising efforts usually involve themed cake sales and charity bar hops along West St.

- We raise awareness of the stem cell register and dispel the many myths surrounding donation by talking to other students, posting on social media an delivering undergraduate talks.

Why we want you

We're a really friendly group of people and love our work with Marrow. Committee get the chance to attend regional and national AGMs throughout the year which is a great opportunity to meet Marrowers at different Universities and hear how the work that we are doing is helping real people. We get stats on how many people Sheffield has signed up goes onto potentially save someone's life - and that's pretty special.

Come and say hi to us in Freshers week at the various fairs!


E-mail: marrow@sheffield.ac.uk

Twitter: @sheffieldmarrow

Medics Choir

Sheffield University Medics' Choir are recruiting! We are a friendly and informal society of students from all disciplines that meets weekly to sing both for fun and to prepare for concerts. We sing a wide variety of music, from Elizabethan madrigals through classical singing and showtunes up to the present day! We hold two main concerts each year as well as a few smaller events, and we carol singing in several of the local hospitals at Christmas time. We are a non-auditioning choir comprised of singers of all different levels of experience – all we require is a love of music! We rehearse weekly on a Thursday at 7pm in rehearsal room 3 in the Drama Studio, after which we head to interval for a drink.


E-mail: medicschoir@sheffield.ac.uk

Medics Orchestra

About the Orchestra

We are a friendly, non-audition orchestra who play a range of piece and put on two concerts a year. Who can join ...

The orchestra is open to everyone, NOT just Medics' and we do not hold auditions or have grade requirements, although aim to play to a high standard.

What we do ...

We work towards two concerts a year (Christmas and Spring time) which help raise money for charity. So what's not to love! We play as a full orchestra, but this year would love to encourage small groups too form to also play at the concerts and to help encourage your enjoyment of playing. If there is something you want to do, then just speak to a committee member.

When and where we meet ...

5.45pm - 8pm every Friday during the term time at Mappin Hall

Then afterwards ...

Then why not join us afterwards in Interval for a drink and a chat. A great opportunity to meet other members and most of the committee will be there! .. and it's Happy Hour! (If you don't drink, then still come along! There's no pressure!)

We also have socials ...

We hold socials through out the year with union club nights, pub quizzes and meals out.

So come along and give it a go. We are one of the friendliest and fun societies at Sheffield.


E-mail: medicsorchestra@sheffield.ac.uk


We are Global Health Medsin Sheffield.

We believe that everyone has a right to healthcare.

We are a national student network tackling global and local health inequalities. In Sheffield we are a friendly bunch committed to acting this out through education, advocacy and action.

We host talks from experts, run film nights, group discussions and hold exciting activities.

If you are interested in getting involved in Global Health Medsin Sheffield, like our Facebook page at facebook.com/sheffieldmedsin or contact us at sheffieldmedsin@gmail.com.

Get involved!


The university neurology society. As a society we aim to promote interest in neurology, neurosurgery and neuroscience and help people turn this interest into a career within the field. This is primarily achieved through interest talks, revision lectures and careers talks.

We also have charitable goals; last year we raised over £800 pounds for a local brain cancer charity and we aim to rival that target this year.

In 2014 we want to put on more consultant lead revision talks than done previously and importantly, continue for the charity of our choice.



Email: shefneurosoc@hotmail.com


Northwing is a not-for-profit medical student magazine, that focuses on opinion and review pieces of medical relevance. Originally founded in Sheffield in 1935, we now hope to reach students nationwide. The production team remain true to their roots, and can still be seen writing, editing and scheming in Broomhill's finest ale houses.

If you would like to write for us, or if you have any questions please see our website:


Or get in touch at:



We are a friendly and proactive organisation that trains up students at the University of Sheffield to teach Sex and Relationships education to local schools around Sheffield. We believe that young people can be empowered to make their own choices through impartial and inclusive education on a variety of topics such as LGBT rights, contraception and STIs.

If you want to make a difference in the local community through working with young people, Sexpression is the society for you! For more info, just contact Bronwen Clements, our co-ordinator for 2014/2015: sexpressioncoordinator@sheffield.ac.uk or find us on Facebook!


E-mail: sexpressioncoordinator@sheffield.ac.uk

Student Stop AIDS

Congrats on making it this far! As you settle your boots into uni life why not join us Student Stop AIDers? Becoming a doctor has great responsibilities; you have the ability to make a difference to the world. We at Stop AIDS aim to provide access to medicines to all those suffering with HIV.

Alongside our speaker tours and events, we like to be creative with our campaigns (search “Sheffield Why Stop Now?” into youtube!). We need the creativity and drive of new students to keep us going!


E-mail: studentstopaids@shef.ac.uk


SurgSoc is Sheffield’s surgical society, created by students for those interested in a career in surgery and those who want to learn more about it.

We run a wide range of academic events including consultant-led anatomy sessions and academic and revision lectures. We also teach a variety of hands-on surgical skills such as suturing and laparoscopy and hold career events where top surgeons talk about what life is like as a surgeon and give tips on how to make it to the top.

We cater for students in all stages of training from surgical etiquette talks for those who've never stepped foot in a theatre, to CV workshops for those wanting to apply for surgical jobs.

Once a year we also hold the National Surgical Conference for Foundation and Student Doctors in conjunction with the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh. At the conference students and junior doctors from all around the country come to Sheffield to present their work, attend lectures from keynote speakers and learn surgical skills in one of the many workshops that are run during the conference.

Check out our Facebook page to keep updated on all of our events! Visit our website for more information, or drop us a line via email if you have any questions.


Cardiology is a subject which is very popular at medical school and is a competitive field in career pathway towards specialisation. Members can expect to take part in any of our workshops, activities and discussion clubs, hopefully growing more interest in cardiology, improve their organisational and interpersonal skills in the committee and plan ahead for their future career pathways. 

We aim to hold revision sessions, talks by cardiologists, networking and portfolio workshops for those interested to work in cardiology in the future. Our upcoming events include a lecture series on various topics in Cardiology starting July 2015. 

Follow our facebook page to keep up to date with CardioSoc!


Dermatology is a subject that every medical student can bank on encountering throughout their time at medical school and their following career. Whether you are looking to specialize in Dermatology, increase your knowledge base or to revise for those important exams – we can help!

Throughout the 2014/2015 academic year, we will be planning activities ranging from revision sessions and practical skills days to charity pub quizzes and food/drink sales. We will also be organizing events with some of our fellow medical societies in the near future. Lifetime membership is just £5 with a useful handbook from British Association of Dermatologists!

E-mail: dermsoc.sheffield@gmail.com

GP Soc

The Department of Health say that 50 per cent of all medical students should train as a GP after qualifying… so basically everyone wants you to be a GP! At Sheffield’s GPSoc we won’t force you to do that – we promise. What we will do however is provide interesting talks, events and research opportunities for those interested in General Practice.

We provide a range of talks throughout the year and even opportunities to meet GPs. This year we will be raising money for the charity Homestart which provides support to families with young children in Sheffield.

Medical Ethics

Do you think for yourself?

Much of medicine is either knowledge or skill based leaving little room for independent thought and creativity but you can break free! The first Sheffield medical ethics society has just been established. Clinical practice throws up many ethical dilemmas and a free thinking doctor is obliged to examine basic assumptions and impulses. We plan to have a social meeting every fortnight where thoughtful discussions will take place over a pint. Real case based discussions with clinicians, debates and lectures with guess speakers are also on their way. Ethics is fun so come along in September.

Medics Revue

Each year brings a change of cast, crew, film-makers and musicians from all years of the Sheffield medical course whose efforts all go into the production of an annual show of sketches, songs and videos in aid of a chosen charity.


E-mail: medicsrevue@gmail.com


NutriSoc: a society for medics and other students in all years who have an interest in nutrition. Our inaugural event, 'An introduction to Sports Nutrition', held in conjunction with Sports Medicine society gave a taste of what more is to come from this new society. We plan to arrange talks covering all aspects of nutrition, from general nutrition and health information sessions, to revision on TPN, fluids and enteral feeding which is sure to benefit medics on placement and beyond.

Yearly membership is at a discounted rate of £2 for members of Medsoc, and £3 for non-members.


A great society to get involved with for anyone interested in child health!

Throughout the year, we hold talks from paediatricians covering topics from paediatric specialities and careers to electives and working abroad. Every year we support a local children’s charity, providing members opportunities to help with fundraising. This year we will be introducing the Save a Baby’s Life project, which members will be able to get involved with, helping new parents learn paediatric basic life support.

Come see us at the freshers fayre for more information, or email paediatric.society@sheffield.ac.uk to join our mailing list!

Peer Teaching

Peer Teaching Society is a free society set up within the medical school. We offer a chance for the students to gain experience giving tutorial sessions to their younger peers.

In our future careers we are all expected to educate other students and even patients on aspects of medicine and we believe that getting the chance to build up experience in this field should be part of our university training.



E-mail: Peerteaching@gmail.com


PsychSoc is the University of Sheffield's psychiatry society. We are made up of medical students from all years who are interested in all things psychiatry-related, and throughout the year host numerous interesting talks, lectures and revision sessions. We can offer advice on psychiatry placements and electives, and encourage discussion of current mental health issues.


E-mail: sheffieldpsychsoc@gmail.com

Sheffield Academic Medicine Society

Sheffield Academic Medicine Society (SAMS) is a student led society for medical students who are interested in research. We help with information on BMedSci degrees and Academic Foundation Programme jobs.

We also run multiple teaching sessions for example "how to write a paper". Finally we have a platform to help you find research projects you can do alongside medicine to develop your research skills and improve your CV.

Please see our website for more info: http://www.sams.org.uk

Twitter: @ShefAcademMed

Sports Medicine

The Sheffield Sports Medicine Society is a relatively new society all about the one of the newest recognised specialties, Sports and Exercise Medicine. We run monthly lectures discussing various aspects of Sport and Exercise Medicine. We also offer specialist examination workshops, focussing on how to examine an injured or rehabilitating joint.

We hope to see you at one of our sessions coming up! All our events will be advertised on our Facebook page and Minerva.


E-mail: sheffieldsportsmedicine@gmail.com

Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital is a public health project that aims to reduce children's fear of physicians and hospitals as well as promoting issues such as healthy eating and exercise. We aim to familiarise children in a fun and friendly environment with the consultation atmosphere of a hospital, GP surgery or clinic.

We currently hold an annual event where children and their parents work around a series of stations learning about what happens at the doctors and also healthy living. This is an opportunity to talk to children and their parents about their health and fears as well as teaching about the body, healthy eating and exercise.

We are currently expanding the project by running smaller sessions in local schools and hopefully soon in brownie and scout clubs.

The project is funded by donations the fundraising is carried out by teddy doctors. They have previously put on events such as take me out, blind date and pointless!



E-mail: teddybearhospital.sheffield@gmail.com

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