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We are here to offer advice and guidance to all medical students and to make sure that any issues that arise are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Hello there Freshers! Our names are Lydia and Emily, and we are your MedSoc Welfare team for 2014/2015.

Our aim is basically to make sure that your new life at Sheffield Medical School runs really smoothly. We are here to offer advice and guidance to all medical students and to make sure that any issues that arise are dealt with as quickly as possible.

It is our job to be on the end of an email in case anything goes wrong, and to do our best to help. We can also be there to guide you to other relevant people or groups, whether this may be the staff at the Medical School, one of the Union Officers or even a GP or Counselling service. Contact us at : welfare@medsoc.net As a Society we are constantly working to improve our links with the union, and the welfare team have completed Students Union Inclusion Officer training to help MedSoc provide equal opportunities to all Medical Students!

We are always on hand at MedSoc social events handing out water and extra safe condoms to those who want/need them... a fun part of our job!

Email: welfare@medsoc.net

The Buddy Scheme at Sheffield has been around for a number of years. First year students (1A) are put into random groups of about 4-6 and each group is matched up with 2 Buddy ‘parents’ in the year above (1B). The 1B students will act as peer mentors and are there to help you out whilst you adjust to life at medical school, and beyond...

You will have received a buddy letter with your welcome pack that will tell you who your medic ‘parents’ will be, their email addresses and the names of your ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, as well as other useful information. If you are worried about something to do with starting Medical School it might be worth emailing them before you get here, they may even be able to meet you when you arrive to help you settle in. The letter also gives you a link to the Buddy Handbook on the MedSoc website that you might want to have a read of before you arrive. The Phase 1As will meet their ‘parents’ and ‘siblings’ in Freshers Week at an introductory event. This usually happens before the first MedSoc social (Freshers Fever) so you will get to meet some other people in your year and the year above before going out. The Introductory meeting is a great opportunity to spend some time with your MedSoc family, exchange phone numbers and emails and find out a bit about each other.

This meet-up will be followed by a Buddy Social later on in the first term. This is another chance to have a bit of fun and so that your ‘parents’ can make sure you are getting on alright. In the past, some of the parents have grouped together with their friends and had separate socials with their buddy families, it doesn’t have to be the parents that organise this, you could arrange to meet up with your brothers and sisters at any time! Your buddy parents are there to be a familiar friendly face so feel free to contact them with any worries or concerns whenever you need them! They have volunteered to be peer mentors so they should be very enthusiastic and helpful. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable speaking to them about something in particular, you can always come directly to myself or Ket, or anyone else on MedSoc. DON’T SUFFER IN SILENCE!!! Most people have problems when they come to Uni, whether big or small. It may just be that you are struggling to budget for yourself, or you don’t understand one part of a disease process. We are all here to help and the chances are there will be other people with similar problems.

The Students Union have plenty of services available that offer advice and information to Students. These can all be accessed using information on the Union Website: http://www.shef.ac.uk/union/advice/

Student Advice Centre: Sheffield University Students Union has a Student Advice Centre. The Student Advice Centre is staffed by a team of professional and experienced advisers and cover all main areas of student concerns: money, housing, academic, consumer and immigration. The Student Advice Centre is independent from the University and all enquiries are dealt with in strictest confidence.

Welfare: "The Students' Union also has a Welfare Officer as one of the eight Student Officers. For 2013/2014 her name is Rebecca Barnes and he is there to represent students on issues of housing, safety, finance and employment and health."

LGBT: The union have a society for all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans students that is very well established. They hold regular meetings and anyone is welcome to go along for a chat and some cake!

Nightline: Nightline is a service run by the students union. It offers a confidential, anonymous listening and information service provided by student volunteers and is open from 20:00-08:00 during term time.

Contact Details from the Nightline Website:

Information: 0114 22 (28788) Anything from pizza numbers to specialist helplines.

Listening: 0114 22 (28787) A non-judgemental, friendly and empathetic ear to any problem at all, no problem too small!

E-listening: nightline@sheffield.ac.uk We read and reply to every single email we receive, and our "anonymiser" program ensures that we won't know your email address, keeping the service completely anonymous.

Check out our welfare blog here: https://sheffieldwelfare.wordpress.com/

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